Over the weekend Morocco Animal Aid hosted two events in Melbourne, Australia to raise some money for our upcoming campaigns to neuter the stray dogs and cats in and around our area of Anza, Aourir, Tamraght and Tagahout, near Agadir, Morocco.

The Gem in Collingwood hosted a banquet dinner on Friday night, and the Windsor Castle in Prahran hosted an auction on Saturday night.

Both events were a resounding success with very generous and willing donations and support from all attendees.

MAA would like to thank everyone that came to support these events and the local business’ that made donations and helped along the way to make this a success.

Special thanks go to: Alexis Venn, The Bihi Store, Salma Tabiat, Zen Living, The Colour English, The Gem Bar, Chekoh, Authority Clothing, Cassie Corvino Samantha Dunn, Victoria Fitzmaurice, Jennifer Scrunchie Megan Billington Kirby Pollock, Travis Gillett T&S Pet Products Tom Lanyon, Dana and everyone that bought a ticket you are the wheels to the vehicle that is MAA. Without you and your support, this weekend would not have happened.


Mama, recovered and ready to come home

Also, big thanks to T&S Pet products, thank you for your generous donation of bed, toys and bowls and the massive bag of leads and collars and to the bidders at the auction, thank you for coming with an open purse to support our cause.

We also we would like to thank all those that could not get to the events but made donations to support us anyway, your generosity is overwhelming

Let’s not forget those of you that could not do either but wrote with well wishes and encouragement you have kept our spirits and our energy high.

MAA is made up of the volunteers on the street, the well-wishers, the donators, the post sharers and commenters, the vets and vet assistants…. the list goes on and on. The successes we achieve should be shared amongst all.

For this very successful weekend, we thank you

You can still help, its not too late – we are always looking for long term supporters and sponsors of the animals we have in care and fostering – so a few Pounds/Dollars/Euros a month on a regular basis helps us do the work we do and feeds and medicates the dogs in our care – donation is simple just go here

Every penny goes to the care of the animals and helps us protect them from an uncertain future. Our neutering and vaccination programs help us stop the poisoning and shooting of the street dogs in our area.