Back in April, I told the story of Sisi, the dog that could not be caught. After many attempts to catch and tranquilise her, we decided that we would have to let nature take its course and even though we knew she was pregnant, we had to let her have her pups.

Sure enough, Sisi did. She dug a hole in a bank under some bushes and had her pups in safety of her own creation around the middle of May.

She is a highly protective mum and every time we strayed near the area, she would growl and warn us off, so we left her to it really. We did hear a few squeals coming from the hole as time carried on, and one of our neighbours confirmed 2 puppies when she fed Sisi.

Last week, we saw one of the puppies for the first time – a very healthy looking male, but he was alone, suggesting the other died.

This little pup has been called dozer (short for bulldozer as he is so big and strong). Our first meeting was brief and we thought we would never get a good look at him. As soon as he saw anybody, he growled and shot back in the burrow.

Over time he has got used to us and now comes out and wants to be played with, but only if Sisi will let you. As soon as he barks (a funny little bark), she appears from nowhere and watches you.

When she has had enough of watching, she comes closer and the puppy runs to her and that’s playtime over!

Yesterday, we managed to get some time with him to take a few pictures and also to give him a rub down with natural flea and tick treatment, check him and make sure he is healthy and of course have a cuddle.

We are not sure who the father is, but suspect it to be a dog called Sam who was always about at the time of Sisi being in season. Fred, Sisi’s constant companion, was very badly beaten up by the other males, but he is a good stepfather and is always about with Sisi.

So what does the future hold for this puppy? From the look of him, I suspect he will be a big strong dog, so he will almost certainly be taken by someone from the village or from the souk on Wednesdays (all the puppies vanish on Wednesday night here) to be a guard dog.

Our next challenge will be to vaccinate the puppy as soon as we can and sterilise the puppy, Sisi and Fred. This will not be an easy task but we have a few tricks up our sleeves and we will get it done – she won’t get away again!

To enable us to continue this work, we need your help – a small donation will help us raise the funds needed to sterilise and vaccinate the street and beach dogs in the area, reducing the numbers and stamping out horrendous diseases which cause suffering and slow lingering deaths to these dogs.

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