Project Description


Yogi is as angelic as her white coat suggests. When she arrived at MAA, she had a bad case of mange, was scabby from head to toe and flea ridden. Now she’s gained her fur back, her personality is growing with it. She started off quite quiet here with little confidence, especially when it came to dinner time. However, now she is fending the other puppies off her food, making her voice heard at play time and wagging her tail more than ever. 

Saying that, Yogi is a lot more laid back than the typical puppy. She loves a good nap in the sun or with one of the older quieter puppies, Pulga. Now and again she’ll get involved at playtime but often needs to take herself off for a rest. 

She absolutely ADORES cuddles. As soon as you sit down near Yogi, she’ll have herself on your lap before you know it and will stay there for hours. She probably didn’t enjoy cuddles too much when she was a baby as her skin was so sore, but now that she’s better, everyone at MAA wants to show Yogi how much she is loved through lots and lots of them. 

If you’re interested in adoption, Yogi is probably best suited to a laid back home at the moment. She’s only young so has a lot of personality to develop and growing to do so this could easily change. We are excited to see the dog she becomes. 

please help by donating whatever you can!