Project Description


Wali has made incredible progress throughout his time at MAA. We are so proud of his accomplishments! Our treatments that we were able to provide thanks to our donators have helped him so much, he came in with a really bad case of mange and looked like a very hungry dog. He is now full of a beautiful coat and looking stronger and more confident than ever. He has a very innocent look but has a funny and cheeky personality too! Dog’s like Wali make us feel refreshed with of how much of a difference we can make to their lives.

Wali is up for adoption, so if you’d like to know more about his story and personality then get in touch with us. Like all the dogs and cats at MAA he deserves a forever home with a family that can give him the attention he requires. If you’d like to sponsor him instead of adopting then please do, any donation you give will go towards making sure he has enough food to eat and is looked after in the best possible way!

Please help by donating whatever you can!