Project Description

Venus and Serena

Venus and Serena, the two sisters that come packed with energy and excitement. These two although very similar looking have two very unique personalities. Venus can be quite boisterous and likes to show other dogs whose boss, she loud but cute and knows exactly how to get attention when she wants it. Serena on the other hand is slightly less boisterous and has a more innocent approach to life. Together they provide the perfect duo.

Venus and Serena are both up for adoption and don’t need to be adopted together, however if you think you can provide the two sisters a life of long walks and fuss then we would love that opportunity to give that to them, but we know that is a lot to tackle! If you are interested then please contact us to find out more! They can also be sponsored with any donations, this will help make certain that are provided with all the care and attention they need!

Please help by donating whatever you can!