Project Description


Snuffy has a very protective heart, if there are dogs scrapping he will jump in to break it up. Snuffy came to us with a fighting heart battling cancer. He had an abscess on his nose which has now been removed, we have to keep our watchful eye on his wound because if comes back he will have to go straight back to the emergency room to have another dose of chemo. He has a lust for life and doesn’t let anything get in his way. He will always make himself known to newcomers and if someones getting fuss, snuffy will be there to ensure he gets an equal amount!

After Snuffys surgery and chemo he was left with Fecal incontinence, whereby he cannot control his bowls. This is now a constant battle for Snuffy and MAA to get to the route of the problem. He requires a full medical assessment and hopefully through our partnership with charities across the world we can find him somewhere to go where he can find a cure. Until then it’s likely that Snuffy will stay with us which is why we need every bit of help we can get to ensure Snuffy’s spirits are kept high! Any donation you can give will go towards making sure Snuffy always has food on his plate. We know this is a big responsibility but if you think you can give Snuffy the life he deserves then please get in touch, and please consider that he will come with a condition we aren’t sure he’ll surpass.

Please help by donating whatever you can!