Project Description


The female Snoop Dogg. She has been with us since she was a young puppy and has been a pleasure for us to look after. She get influenced by another one of our dogs Lucky, who’s a bit more naughtier than her, but she knows when to call it quits! She’s a big softy at heart and loves to go on our hikes and really enjoys playing with the other dogs. She’s very sociable and loves to be a part of a pack.

Snoop is up for adoption and we think snoop would fit perfect in a family that already has or hasn’t got pets. Snoop really does deserve a loving family because her attitude toward life is perfect. If you’re interested please contact us to find out more or if youvannot home a dog then please considering sponsoring a dog like Snoop. We need all the help we can get!

Please help by donating whatever you can!