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Project Description

Please help Mouj

If you’ve ever been to DevilsRock, Imourane then you probably know Safir.

A few months ago, Safir who has the little surf shack behind the restaurant took on two small puppies and gave them a home. Mouj, one of these pups was hit by a car this week and sustained a nasty broken leg.

We are appealing for donations to help cover the costs of Mouj’s Xray, operation, medicine and food. He’s currently being looked after, post op, by one of our volunteers. Donations can be sent via PayPal donate@moroccoanimalaid.com. Any small amount will help. Even just a couple of €/£/$

If you are local and are able to leave some food down with Safir for Mouj when he is back then that would be great.  His other puppy Rose is still at Devils along with all the other regulars there.

Please remind your friends or colleagues to check under their cars before they drive off so we can prevent these injuries altogether. Summer is very busy and hot. Dogs sleep in the shade of cars and buses. DONT FORGET TO CHECK!!!

Can you help us fund the healing for this poor baby? – anything you can spare will be really appreciated and will go directly towards getting this dog better and back home to Safir.

To fully recover Mouj needs all of these things