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Project Description

Please help little Motley


Little Motley is very well-known to us. She is one of our dogs that we regularly patrol and check on, so much so that she has joined in what we affectionately term “the breakfast club” who meet every day to enjoy cuddles and food with one of our volunteers.

Motley was involved in a road traffic accident and has a suspected broken hip. We are waiting now to hear from the vet who will be operating very shortly.

We are appealing for donations to help cover the costs of the Xray, operation, medicine and food, any small amount will help. Even just a couple of €/£/$

This little lady is now recovering from surgery and we are all praying this dear little girl will make a full recovery.

Please remind your friends or colleagues to check under their cars before they drive off so we can prevent these injuries altogether. Summer is very busy and hot. Dogs sleep in the shade of cars and buses. DONT FORGET TO CHECK!!!

Can you help us fund the healing for this poor baby? – anything you can spare will be really appreciated and will go directly towards getting this dog better and back home where she belongs.


To fully recover little Motley needs all of these things