Project Description


Lucky is bursting with character and has an incredible lust for life. She knows just how to wrap you around your little finger so beware! If she’s naughty and she knows it, she’ll lay on the floor as submissive as she can be until you forgive her! She has an amazing personality and loves to have her say in the doggie conversations. She not afraid or timid in the slightest and loves to get involved in any activity that’s happening, and when she’s tired she’ll find the nearest hiding place and crash until she ready to start again.

Lucky is up for adoption, we think she’d be suited to a young active family. She needs a regular routine, with long walks and dedicated time for attention. If you’re interest in Lucky and want to make her day, get in touch and we’ll tell you more! If not please consider sponsoring her so we can ensure she gets everything she needs until she finds her forever home!

Please help by donating whatever you can!