Project Description


Named after Princess Leia for her looks and her bravery. Leia is bursting with personality and loves to sit by your feet. If you’re giving attention to one of our dogs Leia will make herself known almost immediately, if she not already by your feet! Sister to one of our other dogs Kiki. You can quite often find them together, but they don’t rely on each other as they are both relatively independent. Leia has one of her back legs amputated and struggled with it at first, however she has developed amazing courage since being with us and has become far more self-reliant (that doesn’t stop her from wanting attention though!)

Can you give Leia a home? She is up for adoption and she would love to show you how much of a foot warmer she can be! If you’re interested in adopting her or want to find out more please get in contact with us. She also needs a sponsor, we need all the support and help we can get to feed all of the dogs at Morocco Animal Aid, any help we get can help provide food and service to all of our dogs.

Please help by donating whatever you can!