Project Description


Grandpa came to us after he’d been abandoned at the vets because he needed to have his leg amputated. He really struggled in his first few weeks because he was much smaller than the other dogs. Once he became settled his character really came out, he began taking every step in his stride, showing the other dogs just how far he really could walk! He joined the other dogs on some of the longest walks we take them on, not struggling or showing signs of defeat. His personality shines in everything he does whether it’s wanting cuddles, eating his meals, standing up for himself or simply just taking time out. He is an amazing soul and deserves a loving home.

Grandpa is up for adoption but will most likely spend the rest of his days at the sanctuary due to his breed, his amputation and his age. We think Grandpa is full of life and would be perfectly suited to an elderly household but we will commit to taking any requests for adoption with due care. If you’re interested in adoption or sponsoring Grandpa then get in touch and we’ll contact you back as soon as we can!

Please help by donating whatever you can!