Project Description

how we help the animals in an emergency

Our aim is to respond to emergencies quickly, mobilising resources to ensure the animals get vital treatment as soon as possible.

When a call is made, resources required and area teams are assessed so the right resources can be deployed. It is a race against time and the first hour or so will make the difference to the outcome. Working with our local vets in Agadir, we take the animal to the surgery where treatment can be carried out. They try to accommodate us at all times of the day and night as accidents happen at any time. We do need as much information as possible to assess the needs of the situation, so we will ask for location and the current status of the animal at the time the call is placed, any pictures will help us as well – the more we can get the better we can deal with the situation. Common emergencies are road traffic accidents and fighting between the animals (dogs in particular) where blood loss and internal injury is a major problem.

so, what’s a regular emergency?

These are the type of accidents that we encounter on a daily basis; animals has being hit by a vehicles, animals that have been in a scrap with other animals and are in a bad way (open wounds are so regular for street animals), animals that might unfortunately have caught a virus and be close to the end of life.

We try wherever possible, to make sure the animal has a dignified end. The average cost of veterinary treatments lie around $250.00, for emergency surgeries like amputations and FHO – Femoral Head Osteotomy etc. Please help to cover the costs?

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The aim of neutering is to reduce the overall population of animals in a given area. There are also significant health benefits to the animals as well. Dogs and cats are caught in batches and taken to be neutered. Each animal is tagged and vaccinated against common diseases at the same time, then after a short recovery period returned to the area they were caught, none the worse for wear. Neutering has been proven to be an effective way to reduce populations of feral animals and we are committed to this program to ensure the ongoing welfare of the feral dogs and cats in our given area.

Over 250 animals have been neutered in the Agadir region in the last year and significant population reduction has been observed. More work has to be undertaken and MAA is committing considerable resources to achieve the goals required. The cost per animal is $80, can you help by donating?

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The ongoing vaccination program across the Agadir region aims to eradicate the most contagious and dangerous diseases from all animals. In conjunction with the neutering program, any animal passing through the sterilisation process gets tagged and neutered. The vaccines are long lasting and all tagged animals represent the effort being made to eradicate disease in Morocco. By identifying the individual animals with tags, any booster vaccines can be administered and recorded against them, ensuring they are fully protected for their full life.

This ongoing vaccination program is funded by donations.

general welfare

The MAA volunteers are constantly checking their areas to assess the health and wellbeing of the animals in that area. We have split the region into various segments, all covered by different helpers. This allows us to get to know the animals in our areas, look for any change in their general condition and also gives us the chance to give them a bit of a fuss too!

Getting them used to people is really helpful when medicine has to be administered and also to assess the amount of ticks and fleas present in the animals – by getting know them you will see how affectionate and placid they are. Each group has a core of strong characters which we are all very fond of. An ongoing checking and feeding program allows us to maintain a healthy population, assess the requirements for neutering in each area.

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We are always looking for foster homes for animals in need of care. This could be a few weeks or even months depending on what has happened to them and how much care they need. These animals need constant care, feeding and checking wounds, they also need a quiet place to recover their strength so they can be returned to their home safely. If you are here in the Agadir region for a few months, missing your pets at home, this can work for both of us – you can look after a dog or cat and nurse them back to health, knowing that you have made a contribution to the ongoing cause here.

We will match up the right animal for the resources you can offer – we always have plenty of options and are always looking for help in fostering one of the animals. If you have the resources and time, please call us urgently so we can discuss all the options on offer.

Animals need help right now