Project Description


Binky is our ‘big man’ of the sanctuary. As big and mean as he can look he is no doubtfully the softest dog we have. Binky loves his belly being rubbed, his face being pampered and just about any attention you can give. We took Binky in paralysed and lost all muscle from his lower half of the body. We really didn’t know how he’d take to being in a sanctuary with so many dogs considering his condition. His progress has amazing us, he showed us how much spirit dogs have, and how keen to survive they can be. He now walks on all fours and is very slowly building his muscles up. He has a long journey ahead of himself and we want to make that possible for him.

Binky will most likely live out his days at MAA because of his build and breed, any sponsors and donations will be truly welcomed to give Binky the life he deserves, the life he strives to live. Contact us to find out more about how you can help Binky.

Please help by donating whatever you can!