Project Description


Aspen belongs in a terrible (but adorably cute) twosome. Ra and Aspen are brother and sister and a pair that act just as you would expect puppies to act. Happy, healthy and extremely confident; you’ll either find these two playing or talking to one of the other pups. Or trying to play with (terrorise) the cats. To sum up their personalities; They are full of beans.  

Unfortunately this pair was once a group of four. The sad reality is that we often lose puppies to deadly viruses in Morocco. This litter was actually dumped, defenceless and with no mummy in a box on the beach. So they didn’t even receive the initial maternal anti-bodies which are often vital for new born puppies to get through the first few weeks. These two are clearly very strong babies. 

If you’re interested in adopting these two super sidekicks together or separately, please get in touch. They would be perfect in any home, but as they are puppies they still have bigger personalities to develop and all of us at MAA are excited to watch their progress. 

please help by donating whatever you can!