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Project Description

Amy’s Puppies

Amy’s six puppies were far too young to fend for themselves whilst Amy was recovering from her life-saving surgery, so we had to put a feeding and care program in place, volunteers had to go down into the storm drain 2 or 3 times a day to feed and care for the puppies.

The decision was made to move the puppies to a safe place as they were starting to venture further afield and that would mean being killed on the busy road. The puppies were transferred to one of the volunteer’s houses with a small garden. The plan was to reunite Amy with them, but with all the complications it was decided not to in the end. Whilst the pups were in this garden, two further puppies were placed in the garden as well – nobody knows where they came from or why they ended up here, but they soon integrated with the others. After this happened, we decided to move them again – the last thing we wanted

After this happened, we decided to move them again – the last thing we wanted was, even more puppies to look after!

They are getting bigger and now need to be re-homed urgently. One lucky pup has already got a forever home, but that leaves us with 7 more. Our resources are stretched to the limit caring for sick and injured animals and cannot extend this to puppies.

We are looking for volunteer foster homes until we can find forever homes for these puppies very urgently. Can you help or do you know somebody that can? They have started their vaccinations and we will carry on with those but they really need a home.

If you can help us to help more animals like this, we would welcome anything you can do.