how you can help the animals

We always need a variety of things to help us. We are always looking for the same type of stuff, so if you come to the Agadir region and have a bit of room, why not pop into your local pet supply shop and buy a few things to bring with you. We always need, tick and flea treatments, worming tablets, Scalibor flea collars (to protect against Leishmaniasis), feeding bowls of all sizes, collars and leads, even dog brushes are useful. These items are small and lightweight and can easily fit in your hold luggage – so rather than come light, take the full allowance instead and help the animals.

If you also want to buy things whilst you are here, we would welcome food donations – we have access to cheaper dog food supplies as dry food is extremely expensive in Morocco as are cans, but all will be used to help feed the animals. If you need specific brand requirements, please contact us but all tick and flea treatments work well here and relieve animals of these persistent and potentially dangerous parasites.

leave stuff

Finished your holiday? Are your towels finished with? Then leave them behind. We are always desperate for clean towels and by you leaving yours, we will have lots to go round. Most of the animals we treat have never slept on a warm comfortable towel, so when recovering from a procedure, it is good to give them a bit of comfort. We also use towels to assist us in catching a calming the animals, preventing harm to both us and the animal. A dark towel over their heads and eyes quickly calms them down, making them safe and easy to control. The towel travels with them in the crate, so often becomes fouled and must be washed, so we always need spares.

If you don’t think you need to take it back – just leave it. Contact us and we will arrange to collect from your hotel reception of surf camp when you leave.


Everything costs money. From food to drugs, animal procedures and emergency life-saving treatment, we need money. All money given goes to the animals and the care of the animals – every penny. We are all volunteers and we give out time and resources for free, often sacrificing our own comfort for the sake of caring for the animals – so your donations make it all possible.

We do get some funding for neutering and vaccination programs, but the constant care and ongoing emergency situations are all covered by donation. You can donate in any currency, in blocks or as a monthly standing order.

volunteer your time

Time is precious. All our time is committed to checking, feeding, nursing and caring for all the animals in our areas.

If you are here for a few weeks or even a few years, we could do with your help and time. We have tasks in all areas doing all sorts of tasks, but the real beneficiaries will be the animals. Just spending time checking the dogs, feeding them, giving medication to dogs or driving to the vet and back with an animal would ease the pressure we are under every day.

Perhaps you can offer time nursing or fostering an animal – even small amounts of time can make all the difference. Can you host a fundraiser? Anything from Yoga on the beach to surf coaching – it all helps! Contact us and let us know what time you can offer – I am sure there will be something for everybody to do!

with heartfelt thanks to all our supporters

change a life today!

We do everything we can to help our animals but we also need every bit of help we can get. If you can, please help us support our sanctuary!