It’s been almost 2 weeks now since Dusty made the epic journey from Aourir near Agadir Morocco to South London.

The trip went almost without a hitch; the leg from Morocco to Paris was smooth and easy and Dusty arrived safe and sound. The trip to Calais was no problem, but the final bit to board the Eurotunnel hit a small issue – the timings on worm treatments were a few hours outside the 5-day limit (French Customs being totally to the book).

An emergency vet had to be called out to administer worming treatments again (not sure how a few hours meant worms were a risk) and a hotel had to be booked as it takes 24 hours to become effective!

This meant that the planned arrival was pushed out and Lex’s partner and daughter had to make the crossing to collect Lex and Dusty instead. Whilst inconvenient, this was not a major problem as everything else was fine.

Mama, recovered and ready to come home

Just a walk in the park

Dusty finally made it to Lex’s house and the long-awaited introduction to Alby, Lex’s other dog, was made. Nobody really knew what to expect, but they soon they were chasing about the garden and playing without issue.

Since then, Dusty has settled down to London life with her forever family, walks in the parks, visits to the pub, meeting lots of new friends and lots of new dogs. For a little bundle left to die just a few months ago, her life has changed for ever.

Lots of pictures have been posted of the adventures on Dusty’s Facebook page, and I am sure there are many more to be posted – I look forward to the first snow pictures – that will be a shock to her!

Here is a selection of some of Dusty doing what she does best – chilling and sleeping.

Big kisses from the MAA team here in Morocco – we miss you but we are so happy you have found your place at last.

Without the kindness and generosity of the family and friends and the willingness to make this happen, this story would have been so different – we thank everybody on behalf of Dusty and all the guys here at MAA.

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