The areas we cover.


We are a small team of volunteers, made up of residents, long term holiday makers and individuals that want to help out whilst on holiday.

The area we cover is the coastline between Taghazout and Anza.


Taghazout is a small fishing village on Morocco’s Atlantic coast, approx 20 miles north of Agadir. It’s recognised as the surfer capital of Morocco and thousands of surfers visit this small town each year.

The local inhabitants are mostly Berber and fishing, production of Argan Oil and tourism are the local industries found here. There are many cafes. restaurants and surf shops in the main central areas and surf schools and camps are found everywhere.

The main areas are the beaches – these abound with surfers and some world famous breaks are found the length of Taghazout. There is a new development along the whole length of Taghazout bay which promises to provide a new eco friendly tourist destination and 8000 additional beds to cater for all tourist types and tastes.



Tamraght is a traditional berber village situated on the banks of the Tamraght river, perched on the hillside with stunning views of the sea and Panorama Bay. It is approx 15 km north of Agadir on the N1.

This once traditional fishing village has grown over the years and is a popular destination for Europeans, looking for cheap accommodation – especially over the surfing season.

There are many cafes and restaurants as well as lots of other facilities which means that once here, you can find all you need at reasonable local prices. The transport into Agadir is also cheap with taxis costing approx 10 Dirham one way per person and buses about the same.

There are many beaches in easy reach, from Banana Beach to the south, Devil’s Rock just to the front and Crocodile and Panaram to the north. Behind the village you can soon walk into the wild mountain areas and hills which lead to the waterfalls in Immouser and small berber communities in the hills.



Aourir is the largest of the small towns in this area, situated approximately 1okms north of Agadir. Aourir is also known as Banana village due to the famous small sweet bananas that grow on the fertile ground along the river.

On Wednesday the town becomes very crowded as this is souk day where a traditional mobile market comes to town, selling everything from organic fruit and vegetables, argan and olive oil, antiques, and household products and just about anything you should need. The souk is a meeting place from the outlying villages and it is an all day event, starting very early at first light and continuing all day until well after dark.

The town is very traditional and few speak English, although this is changing slowly as more visitors stop in the main street. To experience the real town, you need to turn right off the N1 and head towards Immouser – there are plenty of shops and cafes along this road. The main road, the N1, travels north to Essaouira and has lots of large restaurants offering tagines and fish meals.

Aourir is a busy town and worth spending time in – the people are friendly and of course the bananas are simply delicious.



Anza is a large village which is situated between Aourir and Agadir. The village covers a wide area both on the coast and also in the hills where there are lots of homes but few facilities.

There is a large school with many pupils constantly walking along the road and lots of fish processing factories which produce the famous tinned anchovies and sardines. There was once a huge cement factory but this is now closed.

The people of anza are very friendly and the many small shops and cafes offer a warm welcome. The surf here is very consistent and the world championship surfing contest was recently held here, putting Anza firmly on the surfing map.

Again, low cost accommodation and consistent waves bring a good amount of surfers here, surf camps are slowly springing up to cater for these visitors.

There is also a souk on wednesdays which makes the town very busy and parking impossible.



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